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GW recently announced pre-orders for their new Chaos Space Marines army, and the items are selling fast, despite the usual griping about GW’s pricing model. (Apparently this is the most expensive Codex yet.) They’ve also released a handful of special miniatures which might work perfectly for your 40K game, especially if you’re playing Black Crusade. These include the cheerful Warpsmith, the happy little Apostle, and the delightfully welcoming Daemon Prince, not to mention the fun Forgefiend/Maulerfiend kit with its 67-components’ worth of choices. I could just see that last one as a recurring NPC. In fact, that last one is the only thing I’ve seen that might make me get out my Collector’s Edition Black Crusade and run it. I will call my NPC Maulerfiend Spot, and it will follow the PCs around ALWAYS.


Well, my Black Crusade Collector’s Edition showed up today in the mail. I was tempted to take pictures of it during my lunch hour, but I decided to hold off until the end of the day. That was a good call, since I got some irritating news at the end of the day, but this awesome little trinket turned my bad mood around.

Typical unboxing pics:

The case is a lightweight yet substantive resin. It’s not at all flimsy or poorly made, but it doesn’t make the book hard to lift, either. Quite nicely done.

The detailing on the case is awesome! Just check out this chipper little worm crawling his way out of the filth on the cover:

The book itself is heavy, bound in a sturdy red leatherette with gilt edges and a big ribbon bookmark.

The interior of the book includes FFG’s trademark full-color and wonderful art direction. Here’s the inside cover:

I’m actually pleased that the Writ of Execution is firmly attached to the inside of the book. Now I don’t have to figure out what to do with it. Was I supposed to frame it? Give it to my mom to hang at her house? Put it on the wall at work? I’ll just leave it in the book, then.

All in all, it’s a delightful purchase. (Am I allowed to call something about the forces of Chaos “delightful”?) As I said before, I’m not sure we’ll play this system with the RAW, but I am interested in the fluff included in the book. They’ve done a great job with the detail on the slipcase, and the book itself is a step above FFG’s already high production value. This probably won’t go down in history as my most useful RPG purchase, but it looks pretty cool on our mantlepiece.

Between my illness and the work-related demands of this time of year, I find myself stuck with a gigantic stack of paper to review this weekend. In great detail. So I’m a bit too swamped to blog much at the moment.

Nevertheless, I have two quick things:

1) The FFG store tells me that my Black Crusade Collector’s Edition shipped yesterday! Hooray! I’ll post pics as soon as I get it. (I have plans for that fluff; I certainly do. I have almost no plans for the ruleset itself, which I plan on dumping ASAP.)

2) I assume most of you are aware of the sheer awesomeness of Radio Rivendell, but just in case you aren’t, there it is. I tend to listen to it while I’m working–it’s going to get a lot of listen from me this weekend, in fact. But I also tend to keep a paper and pen handy so I can jot down musical titles that I think will be useful for my games. Among other songs, the station plays quite a bit of soundtrack music from TV shows, movies, and video games, so it’s a good way to get your hands on tracks that might work for you without having to sift through a list of iTunes previews which might not give the flavor of the whole track. The station also hosts some surprising music that’s off the beaten path, so you’ll hear all sorts of interesting pieces you won’t find on iTunes/Amazon or at your local store, but you can often order those albums directly from their creators. I tend to listen on my iPad with Tunemark because the app allows you to save a list of the music you want to remember, although I’m sure many other apps do the same. Listening to Rivendell gives me the chance to stop and prep for my game while doing respectable, rent-paying work! Score!

At any rate, I hope to see you midweek when my BCCE arrives. Until then, have a good weekend! I’ll be trying to shove aside thoughts of my Skaven game so that I can get some “real” work done. (And incidentally, if you have other thoughts about how to sneak in RPG prep during work time, I’d love to hear them.)

So, despite my earlier assertion that I wouldn’t, I ordered the Black Crusade Collector’s Edition. I’m still pretty certain that my crew won’t end up playing this game, but I went ahead and picked up the fancy copy anyway. Why? Because it’s been a crappy week at work, and there’s nothing like an overindulgent purchase of an unnecessary Warhammer product to cheer me up. Also, the fact that GW is letting FFG take the RPG license in a new direction seems rather monumental, so I tell myself that buying this book is like owning a piece of history. (A fairly irrelevant piece that nobody will recognize as significant, but a piece nonetheless.)

I think we can now safely say that anything I say I won’t buy on this blog will probably be in my online shopping cart within the month.

Hmm…what else can I think of not to buy?

Would you look at this?

Image from FFG's website. Click to see their page!


Yeah. It’s awesome, isn’t it?

Here’s the problem: I had no intention of picking up Black Crusade. I have no intention of playing it. I feel as though you should only play a flip-side game like BC if you’ve already played a game based on the standard universe, and my crew’s game of Rogue Trader is slated into our gaming schedule (if we continue to run into scheduling issues like the ones we’re having now) for sometime in late 2018. That would put a game of BC in the works roughly around 2021.

Obviously I don’t need a collector’s edition of a game I won’t be playing for ten years. By then, there will be three new editions of this game, Games Workshop will have given the Warhammer IP to some random man they met on the street in Suffolk, and FFG may have been bought by some obscure company that is currently known only for making paperclips. (Although I hope those last two don’t happen.) My point is that anything can happen in ten years, and because of that, I don’t need this item.

On the other hand, look at that detailing! Who can resist a book with a huge 3D chaos symbol?

On the same other hand, you get a Writ of Execution with your name on it if you order the CE! I don’t know what you do with a Writ of Execution. Hang it on your wall and redecorate the room around it? Put it in a glass case in your office? Keep it in your car and present it to cops when you get pulled over for speeding? I don’t know what I’d do with it, but the advertising makes it seem very important that I have my own Writ of Execution. Fantasy official documents  might come in handy someday.

It worries me that I’m so squarely within FFG’s target demographic that they can reach into my brain and so easily persuade me to buy something I don’t really want or need. I comfort myself by believing that they’re just some kind of agent of Slaanesh–because let’s face it, I’m lusting to touch the cover of that book. I can’t actually be expected to fight a Chaos God on my own, now can I?

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