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If you’re in the WFRP fandom, it’s likely that you’re already aware that we’ve released Liber Fanatica IX: Perils of Empire. If not, and you’re looking for an excellent fan supplement, head over to the webpage and download it here. I had the pleasure of writing an article on GMing for this one, and I got to see the piece take shape. It’s always a pleasure to work with such thoughtful, dedicated, talented contributors and editors! I hope you enjoy it and find it useful for your own games!


Emirikol, one of the most active members of the FFG Warhammer community, recently started a thread to gauge interest in a 3rd edition scenario contest. He’s going to sponsor the prizes himself, and the submissions will likely start a new little library of convention scenario content on the Liber Fanatica site. Although there’s currently some discussion about what the final submission requirements will be, Emirikol’s hoping to give us GMs a choice of convention scenarios that we run at local cons to widen the fanbase–something we’re currently sorely lacking.

I’ll probably enter if the competition goes official. If you’re at all interested, see the proposed details below, then throw your hat in the ring by responding to the thread here.

Proposal: 3rd Edition Convention-Playable Scenario Contest:

PROPOSED Deadline: November 1st, 2012

Assumptions: It is assumed that GMs running the scenario have access to the Core set, Winds of Magic, Signs of Faith and Adventurer’s Toolkit (i.e. everything included in the Player’s Guide and GM’s Guide). References beyond those should be summarized in a sidebar where possible.

Minimum Scenario Content: Scenario must be all-new/original.  Not including pre-generated characters, the length should be from 10-40 pages or between 5000-13,000 words and be playable in 3.5-4 hours. Part-II should be added as a separate entry if scenario is expected to go over this time with additional expected play-time listed (shoot for an additional 4 hours). Adaptations to previous editions may be included in a separate appendix.

Submission Formatting Recommendations: 11 or 12 point readable fonts 2-column except for appendix, maps or handouts, and 1 inch margins maximum.

Pre-Gen Character Formatting: If pre-generated characters are included the following format is recommended: Section 1 – Character sheet, Section 2- summary of cards needed, Section 3 – Attitudes towards other PCs. It is ok to instead reference specific Liber Fanatica 7 pre-gens rather than including new ones, but you may wish to include attitudes towards other PCs section.

Formatting layout: Page 1 – Title Page with Blurb, Author(s), and legal disclaimer.  Other minimum formatting requirements: rank/career minimum expected to play, course of expected play (scenario synopsis), background, content (by Act and Encounter). It does not have to be a railroad, but it does require a “most common course of expected play.”

Stat Block: It is assumed that all GMs have the Core Boxed Set, but not the Creature Guide or Creature Vault. Monsters found in the Core Set may simply be referenced, otherwise more complete information or summary side-bar. NEED STAT BLOCK FORMAT

Judging: Liber Fanatica and anyone who wants to help, including writers who submit (can’t vote for your own).

1e, 2e adaptations: Appendices with 1e, 2e, or Zweihander adaptation stat blocks, etc. do not count towards word count.

Prizes : Each author that meets at least minimum content standards get a copy of DLSS (official print copy, max 1) and hosted on Liber Fanatica website. Runner up gets the printed J2BFP.  Winner gets: Journey to Blackfire Pass (with cardstock pregen’s- official copy) and some gift certificates or dice or something (TBD).

It’s one of those weekends when I’m so busy writing about games that I don’t have time to write about games. I’m busily polishing up my article for the upcoming volume of the Liber Fanatica, an outstanding (even if I do say so myself) WFRP fan-made resource. LF contains articles, scenarios, and supplementary information for GMs and players alike. The upcoming volume will focus on third edition, but will include plenty of useful background info for those who play v1 or v2.

I can’t speak highly enough about the LF contributors; they’re a fantastic bunch of writers, artists, and editors. In fact, I’d say that I often get more useful feedback on my writing from the editors at LF than I have for many professional projects I’ve done. It’s truly a pleasure to work with such dedicated, creative, thoughtful, and insightful RPG players.

Stop over and check out the previous editions, and be on the lookout for volume IX, coming (relatively) soon. And if you’re a Fanatic like the rest of us, consider contributing to one of the future issues!

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