I’ve played RPGs for about twenty years now, and I’ve played a wide range of systems. Right now, my GMing drug of choice is Fantasy Flight’s excellent (yet controversial) Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition, but I also love to run Changeling: the Dreaming. I currently play Pathfinder, and I’ve recently played in great sessions of both Burning Wheel and Fortune’s Fool. I currently GM for the most patient, thoughtful, enthusiastic, and awesome group of gamers I’ve ever met. They include a priest who wants to set most things on fire “just to be sure,” a dilettante with a pet pig who stops in every town to get her clothing cleaned, and elf who cuts the hands off of his enemies and keeps them for trophies, and a wizard who uses his cantrips to make small denomination coins look like larger ones so he gets discounts on room and board. We also play a lot of Euro and Ameritrash board games. In my other free time, I enjoy analog photography with plastic cameras and struggle to teach my parrot not to laugh every time someone dies in a video game.

During the summer, this blog usually updates twice a week, once midweek and once on the weekend; during the winter, it updates once a week. That’s life for you.