So, my friend Mike complained the other night that I never update this blog anymore. This is true; as happens to so many of us, work has overtaken my life. However, I am making some significant changes to my work schedule which should–perhaps–allow me to get back into doing some roleplaying from time to time.

I’ve had a couple of excellent RPG moments that I haven’t blogged about. I got to play in Stephen Chast’s excellent Halloween Marvel RPG adventure as Invisible Woman, which was a real treat. I had read the system several times, but hadn’t gotten to do more than roll a few dice in example encounters before our online game. One of my friends (NOT Mike) had told me that the system was a bit rules-heavy, and while I did find that we often spent time puzzling out our dice pool, I found the mechanics of figuring out how to justify the effects of your superpower surprisingly fun. I’m still a little bummed that I wasn’t allowed to use IW’s talent (which I had read was created by bending rays of light) to change the wavelength of cell phone light into an imitation of sunlight to combat some vampires, but I guess this is where my limitations as an English major instead of as a science major come in. Chast was an excellent and patient GM, and balanced out the rules of the system with a fun narrative that was just right (in flavor and in length!) for Halloween evening.

Tonight we are having a quick wrap-up of our infamous Vampire campaign. When we last left it, my character (had been? was? is?) Prince, and she had left things in a bit of a mess. A handful of major NPCs were incapacitated after a botched mission to eradicate the Sabbat in our little town–including our Storyteller’s favorite NPC. I expect to pay for that tonight. My character had also kindasorta run off just after The Botching to find the previous Prince, who had always been good to her and to whom she felt indebted) even though he was kindasorta blood bound to her because it was the only way to keep him alive after they’d found that he was…) actually, never mind. That’s a long story. Suffice it to say that things were a mess, and it was all my fault, so this session should go totally well. Also, my lucky dice are somewhere in a sea of packed boxes, so that bodes well, too. I’m basically expecting my poor character to die.

At any rate, now that I’ll have more free time, I’m hoping to get back into playing–and maybe even running–some RPGs. My husband has talked about running Star Wars, and I’m curious about Torchbearer. And of course, I still have that Dread game ready to go that I never ran last year. Oh! And Call of Catthulhu‘s coming from Kickstarter soon, too, with my wonderful hand-knitted catthulhu scarf. Oh! And Becoming. That’s coming, too. Did I mention that I have an RPG buying problem? Perhaps I should rename this blog Llany’s RPG Buying-and-not-Playing Problem.

So, there it is. Mike, I hope this keeps me on your favorite blog list.