I try to stick to discussing RPG stuff on this blog, but I do have an overwhelming love for the Zombies, Run app by Six to Start. I did a long-ish review of it here, and they’ve made some updates and refinements since then, including adding a whole set of new missions. They’ve even written a free iBook/PDF, The Runner’s Guide, that fills in many details of the game world and gives you recommendations for running songs from each of the developers. It strikes me that you could do a very serviceable RPG in their world, and the Runner’s Guide includes some really interesting thoughts about game world development and storytelling.

This weekend, the app is on sale for $1.99 instead of its usual $7.99. If you were interested in it but daunted by the price, now’s the time to grab it! (And if you’re not quite in shape enough to start the missions, I highly suggest Felt Tip’s polished 5K app, which eases you into running and uses your personal playlists to do it. Two years ago, I couldn’t run for more than about eight seconds, and since using that app, I’ve run two half marathons–it’s definitely doable!)