Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Although I do love my gaming stuff, I’m always most thankful for all the wonderful gamers I’ve met during my lifetime. I fondly remember days at the dining room table with my first set of gaming friends from high school, with whom I played DnD; we had to hide the books from my GM’s mother because she thought the game was Satanic. I’m grateful to the players who taught me to love GMing Vampire and Changeling and built characters with too many points in Knowledge: Art History. I was lucky to meet the wonderful GM who ran Traveler for us and let us pretend we were werewolves and vampires in his space world without losing his temper–in spite of the fact that we kept derailing the game to get silver bullets for our guns. I’m grateful for the awesome gamers I’ve met at conventions who have improved my GMing and RPing and to the game designers who have been happy to discuss their love of design with me. Most of all, I’m so happy to game with my current group of players, who put up with my silly gobbo voices and my penchant for art-directed player handouts–and who are at least willing to entertain trying out any weird indie system I scare up. (Wait until you guys see what I just ordered!) 
It’s good to have a life filled with so many articulate, interesting, thoughtful people who want to tell collaborative tales. May all of you have lives equally filled with excellent storytelling!