Oh, my God.
There’s this, the Locus from Geek Chic.

We have dithered for about a year on whether or not to buy a GC table. Several of our friends have them, and they’re beautiful pieces of furniture. Since my husband and I GM, we both drool over the GM station add-ons; how great is it to have the GM screen be part of the table!? We live on the third floor of an historic building, though, that “features” no elevator and narrow doors and hallways. Although GC comes and assembles the table for you, the thought of getting the table back down those stairs when we move in a few years gives us a heart attack, so we haven’t yet ordered one.

But the Locus? Sheer awesome. As of today, we are officially saving for it. I’m ultimately glad we held off on buying a GC table after the first Pax East, because we wouldn’t have been able to justify buying two–and we couldn’t ask for a table that better fits our multimedia style of running RPGs than this one.

In other news, I was just reading (another) WFRP3e post complaining about how much room the system requires if you use all of the components in the RAW. We have a pretty tiny apartment, and we solved this problem (and the problem of playing other FFG big box games with expansive maps and a billion plastic men) by buying two Nordens and using them side by side.

At $179 each, the Nordens won’t break the bank, but they provide a large surface for gaming (about 35″x60″); four to six people can easily sit around the table and play a game, and if you put two Nordens side by side, you have plenty of room to display a large map in the center of the table while you put each PC’s components around the edges. Best of all, when you’re finished, the Norden folds up into a tiny set of drawers, perfect for storing cards, dice, or minis. We have had ours for over a year, and the wood surface cleans easily…and since they’re our gaming and craft tables, they’ve seen their share of soda, food, glue, and paint.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how we currently store and deploy our metric ton of gaming stuff, but I have to admit that everything’s better when it comes with a touch screen.