So, I spent the weekend at Mepacon. Part of me really wishes I’d gone to Burning Con instead because I do so love BW and its GMs, but we’d already committed to Mepacon–and invited friends to join us–before we found out about BC.

While I often enjoy the “small con” feel, (Ubercon remains one of my favorites for just that reason,) I was quite disappointed that the majority of non-d20 games listed on Mepacon’s roster got cancelled; I can find Pathfinder or DnD4e anywhere, but I really wanted to play something I hadn’t seen before. Ideally, I go to cons to meet new people and play systems that I haven’t played before so I can scope out new games for our group and watch excellent GMs in action. I suspect having access to so many indie designers from NYC and their committed GMs has spoiled me, but I’m a little nonplussed when a convention is without non-d20 content. Every convention needs either Warhammer or Burning Wheel. I guess I need to get better about being on the ball and offering it myself.

We did try the Untold system, a post-apocalyptic RPG with robot people, magic animals, and soldiers; all of the rules governing the game’s characters fit on standard-sized playing cards, which made it easy to create and play a character on the fly. It was a bit focused on combat tactics for my taste, although the simple rolls made it more palatable to me than other types of combat-focused RPGs. I particularly liked the fact that an NPC’s to-hit score changed every round, so a weak character had a chance–albeit a small one–of hitting even a powerful enemy if he just took enough swings. It seemed like an ideal system for a quick, low-frustration pickup RPG game, since you could make characters quickly and teach the rules in about five minutes. We grabbed a set of the cards online so we would have them around in case we had a sudden RPG emergency and need a quick fix.

All in all, it was nice to get some gaming in this weekend before returning to crazy times at work. Soon, though, I’ll be settling back into a more regular pattern, which will give me some time to talk about a couple of other new systems and some neat stuff I’ve looked at recently.