One of the things I love about WFRP are those tiny little adventurer’s boxes that hold each player’s character sheet, fortune points, stance tracker, and other bits. Since I have four regular players in my group, I store our boxes in the Adventurer’s Toolkit box:

If you’re a fussbudget like me, though, you want everything that your players need in one place, including a small pencil. Luckily, fussbudgety people like me also know where to get school supplies for almost every occasion, so I found short mechanical pencils to fit neatly into those tiny boxes:

I’m a big fan of the little Zebras. They never require sharpening during a dragon attack. They have nice erasers that don’t leave residue when you take a bunch of wounds. They aren’t expensive, and, most importantly, they come in generous packs of 28, so when your players inevitably lose their pencils, you have more. Don’t ask me how players continually lose pencils even when they have a nice box in which to store them. I guess you have to expect those things when you have a game that includes so much Chaos.