It’s one of those weekends when I’m so busy writing about games that I don’t have time to write about games. I’m busily polishing up my article for the upcoming volume of the Liber Fanatica, an outstanding (even if I do say so myself) WFRP fan-made resource. LF contains articles, scenarios, and supplementary information for GMs and players alike. The upcoming volume will focus on third edition, but will include plenty of useful background info for those who play v1 or v2.

I can’t speak highly enough about the LF contributors; they’re a fantastic bunch of writers, artists, and editors. In fact, I’d say that I often get more useful feedback on my writing from the editors at LF than I have for many professional projects I’ve done. It’s truly a pleasure to work with such dedicated, creative, thoughtful, and insightful RPG players.

Stop over and check out the previous editions, and be on the lookout for volume IX, coming (relatively) soon. And if you’re a Fanatic like the rest of us, consider contributing to one of the future issues!