As you may have gathered, I’m picky about my gaming accessories. Deck boxes are no exception. If you play Warhammer 3e, you will probably gather a whole host of containers for all the bits: baggies for the cardboard standees, plastic Really Useful Boxes for the small decks of wound cards and such, and deck boxes for the regular-sized cards. I generally dislike most deck boxes on the market today; they’re either hugely unattractive or sport blatant advertising for Magic the Gathering. Worse, many are made of that flimsy plasticboard junk that doesn’t always hold up if you stack it into a box with other heavy things. For awhile, I was keeping my decks in baggies because I just didn’t like the available options.

A big gaming store near us had a display of a whole host of Rook Art Boxes, though, that changed my mind about deck boxes. (They’re called the Famous Artist Series on some sites.) These are lovely. Made of thin but sturdy metal with a hinged top, the Rook boxes protect your cards well and are small enough to fit into other game boxes. At the moment, I still keep all of my materials in the original Warhammer FRP Core Set box, and the Rook boxes nestle nicely alongside everything else inside.

A wide range of fantasy artists have done front cover art for these boxes; the evocative images tend not to be overstated, and a variety of styles and subject matter means you can probably find something you like. Plus, as an added bonus, the later series let you stack a complete set side by side to see an additional image.

Unfortunately, the Rook Art Boxes don’t seem to be widely available on the Internet, although you can find them on the Warstore. You might want to check your local gaming store to see if they carry them or if they can order them for you. They’re definitely worth doing a bit of hunting to find.