Would you look at this?

Image from FFG's website. Click to see their page!


Yeah. It’s awesome, isn’t it?

Here’s the problem: I had no intention of picking up Black Crusade. I have no intention of playing it. I feel as though you should only play a flip-side game like BC if you’ve already played a game based on the standard universe, and my crew’s game of Rogue Trader is slated into our gaming schedule (if we continue to run into scheduling issues like the ones we’re having now) for sometime in late 2018. That would put a game of BC in the works roughly around 2021.

Obviously I don’t need a collector’s edition of a game I won’t be playing for ten years. By then, there will be three new editions of this game, Games Workshop will have given the Warhammer IP to some random man they met on the street in Suffolk, and FFG may have been bought by some obscure company that is currently known only for making paperclips. (Although I hope those last two don’t happen.) My point is that anything can happen in ten years, and because of that, I don’t need this item.

On the other hand, look at that detailing! Who can resist a book with a huge 3D chaos symbol?

On the same other hand, you get a Writ of Execution with your name on it if you order the CE! I don’t know what you do with a Writ of Execution. Hang it on your wall and redecorate the room around it? Put it in a glass case in your office? Keep it in your car and present it to cops when you get pulled over for speeding? I don’t know what I’d do with it, but the advertising makes it seem very important that I have my own Writ of Execution. Fantasy official documents  might come in handy someday.

It worries me that I’m so squarely within FFG’s target demographic that they can reach into my brain and so easily persuade me to buy something I don’t really want or need. I comfort myself by believing that they’re just some kind of agent of Slaanesh–because let’s face it, I’m lusting to touch the cover of that book. I can’t actually be expected to fight a Chaos God on my own, now can I?