Oh, look. Dreadfleet is here. It’s a bad thing that I know that Dreadfleet is here, and an even worse one that I went to the Games Workshop site and watched the video about it. Now I really want it, mostly because I think the fanciful ship minis are amazing.

I often think the detailed minis in big battle games are amazing, and I end up wanting to buy them. Then I take one look at the long rulebooks that come with that sort of game, and I never end up wanting to play them. Even if I get through the rulebook and still want to play the game, I get to the part where you have to set up some lovingly detailed intricate battle map created from a billion movable parts, and after putting three of those parts on the table, I wander off to the kitchen to look for a snack to bolster my stamina, end up getting distracted by my iPad, and then forget all about the game, coming back into the living room aeons later only to discover a half-completed battle game map taking up the majority of the table, crucial pieces of which have been knocked to the floor by the kitten and must be recovered from behind bookshelves and underneath tables.

Granted, Dreadfleet seems to have a fairly simple kittenproof battle map, but I’d need to cut out the billionty ships and glue them together and paint them, which isn’t making me terribly excited, either.

So, I’d decided not to buy it.

Then someone on a forum I’m on pointed out that the minis would be great for a Warhammer pirate RPG campaign. I’m not running a Warhammer pirate RPG campaign, mind you. I’m not planning on running a Warhammer pirate RPG campaign anytime soon. Besides, I certainly wasn’t panning a campaign with a skeleton ship or a ship that’s got a castle on a rock smack in the center of the deck. Those sort of things take serious special mechanics, and while I love to think up special mechanics during my morning run, I dislike balancing the special mechanics I’ve created with the mechanics of rest of the game. Obviously, then, there’s no conceivable reason for me to purchase this game.

So, you see, I’m going to be very firm with myself about not buying Dreadfleet. Right up until the moment I buy it.