I’ve talked some about making paper models before. I like to do it, and I’m okay at doing it, but I’m by no means a master craftsman. I’m particularly messy with glue. I have a heavy hand, and glue tends to end up everywhere–on my shirt, on the table, on the cat, and sometimes even in my lunch.

I’m also not incredibly precise. I tend to need a bit of time to get the flaps in place, and if the glue dries too quickly, I find myself having glued the roof to the bottom of the building or some such nonsense. Then there’s a resulting three hours of bad mood in which I swear that I hate making paper models, or, if the mistake was particularly bad and I had to reprint part of the model, in which I might swear that I will never play any RPG again. (Just kidding! I’ve never done that.)

I was excited to find that Scotch Scrapbooker’s Glue helps quite a bit. It’s strong, so you don’t have to sit forever holding a joint waiting for it to dry. Even though the glue bonds quickly, it leaves the paper repositionable for quite awhile, so you can fix it if you glued the tiny paper hay bale together inside out. (Not that I’ve ever done that, either.) Best of all, it has a tiny tip applicator that positions glue precisely on even the narrowest strips and tabs, and the bottle is thin so it’s easily maneuverable as you work on a project. On the other end, you’ll find a sponge applicator, which helps if you need to put a thin layer of glue over a wide area while avoiding saturation that can lead to warping.

I suppose it’s rather silly to celebrate glue. It’s not really central to the gaming process. Still, if part of your fun is putting the buildings and scenery together, it’s always nice to be able to focus on the parts of the process that are most fun while avoiding the parts of the process that are frustrating–like gluing your hand to the bottle. (Not, of course, that I’ve ever done that.)