I love Really Useful Boxes. I love them so much it’s almost embarrassing. They’re made of durable plastic, they come in cool colors, and they have awesome little clips attached that snap them securely shut. Plus, they hold game stuff well! What’s not to love?

I have such an incredible love for this product that I’d originally considered writing this piece as a formal ode celebrating its awesomeness. Luckily for all of us, I have too much work to finish this weekend to make that practical, so you’ll just get a regular post. Although you can order Really Useful Boxes online, they can also be found at your local Staples if you’re a fan of instant gratification. At our Staples, the Boxes tend to be kind of a come-and-go item, particularly in the smaller sizes. Yet Back to School always means they’re in stock, so I thought I’d remind you now so you can go grab some if you have any loose stuff that needs storing. (At our stores, the small RUBs are up front in a bin, while the bigger ones are at the back of the store with the luggage and the file cabinets.)

IMHO, the best thing about RUBs is that the 0.3 liter boxes hold those tiny Fantasy Flight Game cards securely and without giving them room to slide around. If left loose, those cards can get easily bent, and if you’re a fussbudget about your games the way I am, you know that a bent FFG card is a full-blown disaster. Not only do the boxes keep the cards safe, but the boxes themselves are relatively small, so you can easily fit them back into the cardboard game box from whence the cards came. My Warhammer FRP cards nestle cozily inside the original Core Set Box encased in one of these:

The clip locks on the sides of these secure them well, so you don’t have to worry about the cards coming out if you jostle the box or sit it upright on a shelf. Plus, you can see through the top and the sides, so you don’t have to waste time opening boxes until you find the set of cards you need. Look! Everyone’s favorite: Wound Cards!

Larger boxes can be used to transport and protect books and character sheets. Here’s the short 4 liter-sized box carrying my Rogue Trader stuff:

I’ve also found the miniscule .14 liter boxes useful for storing FFG counters and such. The RUBs come in about four billion sizes and shapes, so you can probably find one that will fit almost any bill–even those bills not directly related to Fantasy Flight. If you’re looking to get your hands on the small boxes, you might want to go to your local Staples before Back to School ends. Beware, though–these things are addictive. You might find yourself hoarding extras in a drawer for when you pick up your next FFG game. Or maybe that’s just a mark of my own personal lunacy.