I once rolled a 20 on a Gather Information check and discovered that workmen create buildings with nails, wood, screws, washers, and stone. Who knew? I sort of figured an ancient civilization built everything around us with magic and we won it in an elegant auction, having pulled just the right tiles from the velvety bag. But it turns out I was misinformed.

The whole “workmen creating things with small fasteners” narrative explains why you can find things like this in Home Depot:

The presence of these containers at Home Depot instead of our FLGS has always puzzled me, because these objects are so obviously created for storing gaming stuff, like

Dice + A Critical Hit Deck

Campaign Coins + Plastic Gems

Plastic Miniatures (Classic Flavor)

Plastic Miniatures (Star Wars Flavor)

Just make sure you watch the minis, though. Sometimes they plan their escape when you’re not looking:

Once they escape, they end up in odd places in the house; ours usually make their way to our kitchen, where they engage in misguided quests to protect various foodstuffs:

Look how happy the salad dressing makes him! He’s grinning from former ear to former ear! Why? No idea. I only rolled a 3 when I asked about it.

(That last picture wasn’t staged. I do actually find miniatures in our kitchen on a regular basis. No, I don’t know how they get there.)