I had this brilliant idea to convert FFG’s Rogue Trader to Burning Wheel rules. In my mind, I am referring to this absurd idea as The Great Rogue Trader Conversion Project, which sounds just grandiose enough that I might complete it. First, though, I had to wait for Burning Wheel Gold to come out, because why base your conversion on a previous version of the rules? Then I had to wait for Gold to get to me. Then I needed to scare up a Monster Burner. Then I needed to read BWG. (I read RT when I got it.)

I now have pretty much everything I need, so the Project can officially begin today!

Today, I put the three books I will need right now out on the table together. I took a picture to commemorate the first day of my Project.

Then I opened the RT book to a random page–the skills list, it just so happened. So many skills!

I felt tired and closed it again. Damn it, I hate long lists.

Now I realize that I cannot possibly begin until I go to Staples and get a very nice notebook for all the notes I will make about all those lists.

So, yeah. We’re well on our way to thinking about possibly beginning the project in the relatively near future. In the meantime, I think I’m going to propose another venture to my players to fill the time between today and the estimated time the Project will be completed (Q3, 2015.)