I’ve been away camping and gaming for the weekend. I plan to write a couple of (million) paragraphs tomorrow about the experience of playing games in the great outdoors, but in the meantime, I’d like to take a second to chuckle about Fantasy Flight Games TV, which I saw in the gaming store near the campsite. My FLGS doesn’t have FFGTV, a hilarious little branded box babbling adverts for all of their stuff. Like everything FFG, the commercials were beautiful and contained lots of ‘bits’: interviews with designers, concept art, pictures of the game boards, and people talking about how one RPG compared to all the other RPGs. I stood there for a few minutes like an idiot, mesmerized by the nice pictures of blood-covered Space Marines and the lovely British accent of some exec from Games Workshop explaining how hard it was to get the 40K universe just right and how FFG had just done it perfectly.

With their lines of books, some of which contain game pieces, and their movie (WTF is that about?), and their print on demand products, I’m not sure I understand exactly who FFG is trying to be these days, but I do think of them as kind of a Behemoth of Awesome. The Behemoth will lumber over and crush my bank account, but I’ll be so awed by the beautifully art-directed, slow-mo shot of it as it causes utter destruction that I won’t notice how much damage it has done.