I’ve already written about my love/hate relationship with painting minis, so it will come as no surprise to you that it wasn’t a good idea when I said, “I’ll just paint the townspeople minis the day before the game.” My PCs were going into a farmers’ festival, and we only own a handful of minis not bristling with swords and knives, shooting fire out of their fingertips, or covered in green scales. We headed off to our FLGS, where I ambitiously acquired two packages of little metal townspeople, all of which I planned to spend the afternoon lovingly painting.

Unfortunately, the iPhone informed us that there was a Gander Mountain just a tiny skip away (and by “tiny skip,” I mean “an hour and a half drive”) from the FLGS. We decided to make a quick stop because we needed a new camping table, and at Gander, all the Mountain Hardware clothing was on sale and they had really awesome camping gadgets, each of which had to be considered in turn. Plus, Chipotle. And Staples for dry erase markers for GMing and more printer ink for paper scenery. Oh! and Panera for cookies.

Massive Shopping Adventure thus meant we got home at around seven that night instead of one in the afternoon. Now my foolish “I’ll just paint the minis the day before the game” had become the utterly idiotic “I’ll just paint the minis the night before the game when I’m really exhausted and kind of pissy.” Super win, that.

There were sixteen minis in the boxes, all of which I intended to paint when I bought them. By the time base painting happened, I was considering doing about nine. By the time I’d found the brushes and paints and set them all out in rows, I was thinking to myself that really, painting about seven was realistic, and I shouldn’t worry too much about it because I could use stand-ins if I needed to.

I finished four. Poorly.

Then I discovered that they were just a bit smaller than all the other minis.

Ah, well. Whatever–we used them as children, and, like farm animals, children are something that my PCs always love to see  in an encounter. I’ll leave you to ponder what that means.