I won’t talk too much about my Jambox here, except to say that I love it for producing sounds during game. It’s portable. It’s small, and it will fit on your table even with ALL the WFRP bits. You can charge it ahead of time so you don’t have to plug it in during play. It’s blue (or black or red or silver.) It’s got awesome bass. It can be very loud. You can switch between its being connected to your iPad and iPhone wirelessly on the fly, so if you forget to move that all-important sound file from one device to the other before the game, it’s no big deal. It’s got a hilarious robot voice that tells you when it’s connected. And most importantly, its sound quality is high enough that your players can hear the music and/or sound effects and believe. Or laugh at your insane amount of overpreparation. Whichever.

In short, it’s a win.