So we stopped by our FLGS last week to pick up a copy of Finca. They didn’t have a copy of Finca, unfortunately, but leaving empty-handed isn’t really our style, so I picked up a D&D Game Mat of the Inn of the Welcome Wench. It’s a 30″ x 20″ vinyl gridded play mat that’s supposedly wet-erasable, although I haven’t been tempted to marker it up yet. It comes in a durable tube and has a nice feel to it when you take it out; it’s not ridiculously heavy vinyl, but it’s certainly going to stand up to the rigors of having miniatures placed on it again and again. My only criticism is that it’s single sided. You get the Inn and a bit of land outside, but the back is just plain white. The depicted interior of the inn is fairly detailed, including a food prep area, stairs to a basement, private dining rooms, and a fireplace and a bar area in the main room, with different types tables and chairs scattered throughout. It’s a huge inn and fairly distinctive, so if you’re using it in your own campaign, you’ll want to use it to represent a place you’ll return over and over again or face the smartass comments of your players, if they’re anything like mine: “Hey! This looks exactly like the last inn we visited. How do they all get the same rugs?”

At $20, it’s a bit pricey, but if you’re looking for a playmat that will make it easy and quick to represent a place your PCs visit repeatedly, this will make a nice addition to your gaming library.

Welcome Wench

All packed up in its tube.

Welcome Wench Unrolled

The interior of the Inn.