I’ve posted this to the FFG forums before, but here are the sheets I use to keep track of WFRP monsters. They’re made to fit into one of those 7×9″ mini-binders, and I have each card in a plastic Avery sleeve so that I can write on the cards with a wipe-off marker. I keep the majority of my notation here, including recharges on the one or two actions I expect the monster to take on a regular basis. As I’ve said on the forums, I don’t tend to worry about having all of a monster’s action types available to him in every encounter unless he’s a major, named NPC; I usually just pick one or two and use them, differentiating between the actions through storytelling rather than mechanics. Works for us.

The full PDF version of these sheets is at the link “monsterhenchv2” below the pictures. Feel free to download and use the sheet if you find it useful! (Warning: it’s a 14MB file because I like high-quality graphics and seldom have to worry about the size of my files.)

I have versions of these sheets that are henchmen only or monster only; let me know in the comments or on the FFG forums if you’d like those.

Monster Card in Use

A filled-out monster card.

Sometimes I use counters to track ACE if I'm feeling countery.